Download Sponge Bob - Creature From The Krusty Krab Mobile Game

Download Sponge Bob - Creature From The Krusty Krab Mobile Game

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Sponge Bob - Creature From The Krusty Krab - Hi, dude! I gotcha you looking for an amuse game. Yeah, this time I will share to you a mobile game version from well known cartoon serial television. Yes, you're right! That is Sponge Bob, actually, Sponge Bob - Creature From The Krusty Krab. This mobile game published by THQ studio. For another game about Sponge Bob, check this one Sponge Bob Paparazzi Parade.

In this game, you have access to three playable characters during the game, SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, and Plankton, and must guide them through nine levels of play in a dreamworld.[1] Four different types of gameplay have been incorporated into the game, known as flying, rampaging, racing, and platforming. During flying sections, the game sets obstacles, one in front of another, and the player must maneuver past them. In most cases, the game will tell the player which way to fly (up, down, left, and right). The most common cases of this is when SpongeBob uses his plane to attack a giant-sized Plankton.[2] In rampage levels, the player controls a giant sized Plankton and uses special powers and moves to destroy everything in their path.[3] The player's laser power is indicated by a bar on the right side of the screen, which refills after use. Racing gameplay is similar to most racing games; it is featured in both the air and the ground's gameplay, fuel must be collected in order to keep the player's vehicle running.[4] The platforming gameplay is spread throughout the game, such as when Plankton must escape from a live Krabby Patty or when Patrick Starfishman saves Bikini Bottom from his evil form, Dreaded Patrick.

In the end of this mobile game, after Plankton is shrunk, he accompanies Patrick and SpongeBob into a dream bubble, where they meet a doctor with a Krabby Patty for a head. The doctor explains that the reason why they are having the dreams is because they all ate a Krabby Patty before they fell asleep, saying that the particular chemical composition of the patties affected their biorythms and caused a reaction that resulted in the dreams. SpongeBob then asks the doctor why he knows so much about krabby patties; the doctor strips his outfit off to reveal that he is that Krabby Patty. SpongeBob, Patrick, and Plankton chase after him and head into the final level where they race against one another for the Krabby Patty trophy in a bizarre, nightmare-like racetrack.

OK, that's all brief of this mobile game. Just download it in jar or jad file below then play it. Make it easy and having fun.

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