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One of the most ancient games on your mobile phone! In Backgammon played for hundreds of years ago, and will be played today play in the future.Concentration  the key tovictory. And the game is not so simple as it may seem to mind. Play alone or with a friend on one phone and make sure backgammon  it great game! Excellent implementation of Backgammon renowned developer Gameloft. Graphics looks pleasant, and dice roll even appears in three-dimensional image. The game includes a training material and allows you to play together on a single mobile phone.Three levels of difficulty and a lot of bonuses, which can be open, will not miss anyone..

This is for anyone who loves brain games, puzzle solving and strategy. As the stakes mount, tension rises and every game is a thrilling competition down to the last checker.  

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176x208 : S60 2ed Eng
JAR | JAD [140 Кб]

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