Download Monopoly U-build (EA Mobile Games)

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A WHOLE NEW WAY TO PLAY MONOPOLY! Choose from 5 different board layouts, such as Spiral and Figure 8, and enjoy quicker gameplay action. Build on a property as soon as you own it and employ new tactics to make yourself a true tycoon. Erect a skyscraper and watch your worth go up – while strategically placing a sewage plant or other hazard to bring your opponent down! Play solo or Pass 'N Play with up to 3 friends. Any way U want to play, it's MONOPOLY your way!

Game Features:
    • Chose to play on 5 distinct board layouts from Classic to Figure 8
    • 5 Preset board layouts: Starter, Classic, Pro, Spiral, and Figure 8
    • Tile order randomizes to change up the strategy of play
    • Familiar board pieces like GO, Jail, and Free parking
    • New residential and industrial businesses.
    • Bonus buildings which protect rent value.
    • Hazards which lower rent value.
    • New cool tokens that represent the tycoon of your choice.
    • Buy, sell, or trade properties and their businesses.
    • Play alone or with Friends
    • 4 Players – Single Player Vs. CPU, or Pass N Play multiplayer
    • Build your empire with all new residential and industrial Buildings
    • Build a Monopoly with all new residential, industrial buildings and bonus buildings, with Monopoly U-build you can start building up a property as soon as you own it
    • Make your opponents residential buildings lose value by placing hazards near them

LINK FREE DOWNLOAD Monopoly U-build EA Java JAR Mobile Games
128x128 : S40 2ed Eng
JAR | JAD [166 Кб]

128x160 : S40 2ed Rus
JAR | JAD [224 Кб]
128x160 : SE K310,K320,K500,W200,W300,Z530 Rus
JAR | JAD [183 Кб]
176x208 : S60 3ed Eng
JAR | JAD [212 Кб]
176x220 : SE K550,K610,W350,W810,Z710 Rus
JAR | JAD [304 Кб]
208x208 : S40 3ed Eng
JAR | JAD [241 Кб]
240x320 : S40 5ed Eng
JAR | JAD [317 Кб]
240x320 : S40 3ed Rus
JAR | JAD [481 Кб]
240x320 : S60 3ed Rus
JAR | JAD [499 Кб]
240x320 : SE K770,K790,K800,S500,T650,W850 Rus
JAR | JAD [578 Кб]
320x240 : S60 3ed Eng
JAR | JAD [519 Кб]
352x416 : S60 3ed Eng
JAR | JAD [221 Кб]
360x640 : S60 5ed Eng
JAR | JAD [582 Кб]
360x640 : S60 5ed Rus
JAR | JAD [571 Кб]

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